Sri Ram Teachers Training College  |  Recognized by NCTE  |  Affiliated with Ranchi University & Jharkhand Academic Council

Facilities Details

Infrastructure Facilities :-

  • Class rooms (One Class Room of 500 sq. Ft for every 50 intake
  • Multipurpose hall (2000 Sq. Ft. with Dias and seating capacity of 200)
  • Library cum resource Centre
  • ICT Resource Centre
  • Curriculum Resource Centre/Laboratory
  • Arts and Work Experience/Resource Centre
  • Health and Physical Education Room
  • Principal’s Office
  • Staff Room
  • Administrative/Central Office
  • Male Student Common Room
  • Female Student Common Room
  • Cantteen
  • Store Room(Two)
  • Toilet for Men-Student
  • Toilet for Men-Teachers
  • Toilet for Women-Student
  • Toilet for Women-Teachers
  • Toilet for Staff
  • Toilet for Person with Disability(PWD)
  • Visitors Room
  • Open Space for Lawns, Gardening Activities, etc.
  • Safeguard against fire Hazards
  • Functional and appropriate furniture in required number for instructional and other purposes
  • Separate common rooms for male and female student and teachers
  • Sufficient number of toilets, separate for male and female staffs and students
  • Space and arrangement for Parking Vehicles
  • Provision for Safe Drinking Water Facilities
  • The Institution’s Campus, Building, Furniture, Facilities, etc. should be Diables Friendly
  • Arrangement of Safeguard against Fire Hazards in all parts of the Building

Instructional Facilities:-

  • Library-cum-Resource Centre
  • ICT Resource Centre
  • Curriculum Resource Centre
  • Art and Work experience
  • Health and physical education room
  • Sports and Field Equipment
  • Audio Visual Equipments
  • Musical Instruments